Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bantal Buchuk Ajim

Dua bijik bantal dah selamat di jahit untuk my 1st hero.
satu - di hantar ke nursery untuk dia tido petang
another one - i letak kat rumah

I used kain batik for the pillow. Jahit dulu empat segi dan tinggalkan sikit terbuka utk bagi inside out then add kekabu ke dlm bantal tu. Bia kekabu dah cukup, jahit tangan utk final touch.

Bila dah ada bantal, kena la ada cover pulak kann...
I just sew a simple cover for both bantal ;)

This is the final look!


Baju Raya KU

Baju Kurung Raya yang sempat aku jahit sendiri tahun ni.

Walaupun tak secantik mana, tapi penuh bererti tau...:D haha

*hari ni last day puasa 6, InsyaAllah esok RAYA!! yeey...


Friday, September 24, 2010

New projects

There are few things I have been sewing for the past weeks before and after Raya...including my Baju Raya :D haha. I will post it soon. Need to take my Baju Raya pics and also my son's pillow case.

I wanna do this luggage strap next! *grin*

This DIY has been published in Aisyahelga and it is linked to Zohappy.

Wish me luck!


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

More Hair Clips & Baby Headband

I think I should use multi color ribbon to make it more attractive...hmm
These hair clips are dedicated to my nieces...love u all!

This headband I made with love to a baby girl :) but I don't have one.

I gave it to Suzita's baby. Hopefully, she can wear it during Hari Raya...hehe
Don't forget to take her pics ok?

Which one looks better? I just love them both~ ! :p


Ribbon Hair Clips

Whenever I am browsing other crafter's space, mesti ada something yang menarik perhatian. So I will try them out if I have time.

Things u need to have before u start creating this...
Plain Hair Clip
UHU glue

This Hair Clips tutorial, I found it somewhere...I couldn't recall. I will try to search for it again yeah...

It is easy to make and I made a few for lil girls I know :)
Izmin's girls - 2
My nieces - 4

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