Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Janome Harmony 2049 for SALE!

SOLD on March 5, 2013

ANYONE INTERESTED?? Contact me at ladycino@gmail.com

New Retail Price : RM2,499 @ Epal
My Selling Price : RM1k (nego)

The Janome Harmony 2049 machine comes with original Janome Cover, Foot Controller and Janome Harmony 2049 Manual User

I've been using it since mid 2010 and the condition is still good.

So far, I like the performance of this Janome Harmony 2049 :D

Reason for selling is I want to buy a new sewing machine + embroidery for myself~!

Love and Salam ~ Marie ~

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Big Achievement!~ Something New ♥

Room Curtains Replacement :D I likeee but it is a bit darker...
Curtain pendek je untuk pintu bilik, I tukar to make it look different sikit ;)

Love and Salam ~ Marie ~

Friday, February 15, 2013

Replacement Room Curtains~

New replacement room curtains...purplish sikit ;)
Curtains yang banyak berjasa...torn old one!~ huhu
It is time for a CHANGE!

I have done making the New Room Curtains replacing the torn old one ~ poor you...

InsyaAllah, the curtain will be hang to its place this coming weekend! Yahoooo....;) I likeee...

Love and Salam ~ Marie ~

Monday, February 4, 2013

Altering process for my Jubah M@rieStyle

Jubah M@rieStyle
Monday Blues~
  1. Jahit elastic thread kat area front waist
  2. Black zipper untuk front neck
Baju ni dari last update my Jubah but I tak pakai lagi since I think it is too biggy. So I alter sikit untuk lebih decent and comei (perasan sendiri...)

Love and Salam ~ Marie ~

Peasant Blouse ;)

Eja betul-betul...Peasant Blouse yer!
Hmm so far I suka jahit Peasant blouse ni sebab senang ;)

Ada la masalah teknikal sikit masa menjahit tapi itu bukanlah halangan.....~ hahahah (macam iklan pulak...)

Love and Salam ~ Marie ~
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