Friday, February 25, 2011

My Sew Along Progress 1 : Reversible Bucket Bag

I am joining MyBotang Reversible Bucket Bag Sew-Along. It is kind of interesting since I never sew a reversible bag before. I hope the result will turn out well...hmm not just well, maybe excellent! :D

Here are the fabrics that I use for making my Reversible Bucket Bag - from left:
Micheal Miller Climbing Lantern Pods (exterior fabric)
Chili Red Pinsize Dot (contrast fabric)
Blue Flowery Japanese Cotton (lining fabric)

Yesterday I managed to cut all the fabrics for this bag by using the pattern given. Senang rupanya kalau ada pattern macam ni, pin je dekat kain...then cut all the fabrics needed. Lesson learnt~!

Selalunya malas nak buat pattern, terus cut the fabrics...end up, tak jadi la or size lintang pukang :) haha

And this week sepatutnya kena buat binding, button loop, self cover button and interface the fabric pieces. Uhh sempat ke?...InsyaAllah!


Monday, February 21, 2011

Crochet Rose

I can't sleep last night. Layan TV..ada Survivor =)

Boring..terus bukak internet and I decided to do this Crochet Rose but without leaf. I will do the leaf later..I will. In 30 minutes, this is the outcome! Niceeee

Thank you to Crochet Spot - the tutorial is sooo simple and easy :D i likeee
I wanna crochet few more roses and ready for bouquet making! *wink*


Friday, February 18, 2011

I love

I just wanna share this website which has variety of crafty ideas. Interesting! is very useful for crafter and it has a load of projects and also DIY. I love them all! There are also some Cleaning Tips, Recipes, Garden & Plants, Healthy & Beauty and Household Tips.

You should try to explore it by yourself, friend.

I am searching for a recycle old towels project...LOL :D
All the ideas are awesome!


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My unstable Cactus is Completed!

I am so envy of her work and also her cactus! Kak nor, see my first amigurumi..yours one is sooo damn cute! Not like mine...uhhuuu. I should practice more...

Why my cactus is unstable? It can't stand by I put my cactus in a pot which I used for real cactus before. I hope it can stand well-balanced now ;) (cheating!)

It's not so nice but I made it boys like it! They throw it here and there..playing with the child friendly cactus...haha :D. The pattern I got from allcraft

My Cactus

p/s : sis hani, nanti i buat lain for you yer..yang more comei than this ;) chewahhh!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Cactus in the making..

Still in progress...


Fabric Addict!

Last Saturday, I went for a window shopping at Queensbay Mall. I never know about this patchwork shop on the 2nd Floor and end up spending some time there just to see the fabrics - most of the fabrics are from Japan. They have less fabrics from US. What I can say, the Qgallery is small and nice...they provide a patchwork classes too. Nevermind, I already enrolled in Epal class :) hehe

I never thought I will be a fabric addict one day..owhh!! I spent about two hundres plus just for fabricsss in a week!! OMG.. (it's two times purchased : online and at the shop. The fabric I purchased is not by's measured by Fat Quarter)

How big is the Fat Quarter? It's 18" x 22"

The size is small but the material is good! I wanna buy somemore..uhh. Sangat tempting to buy some designer's fabric too like Amy Butler, Robert Kaufmann...etc. The material is not so cheap here. :p

Don't you think the fabricsss that I bought are nice??!! Please say so...haha :D I know, I know they are niceee...

Here are some Fat Quarter Projects which I should try...hmm great!


Friday, February 11, 2011

Cantiknya Giveaway TOTE BOUTIQUE!

I know..I is not my first time joining TOTE BOUTIQUE Giveaway

Who knows maybe this time is my luck? Hehe..

Let's join this giveaway together!

You may get one of these...simply gorgeous!

'Hi Cik As..can I have one?' *wink*

You may order it online too! Just go to TOTE BOUTIQUE and get a fabric of your choice for a wallet, passport cover, coin purse and many more..

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New Mags!

Some magazines I bought in Aussie last year...hehe sempat lagi tu! :D

So in love with them all!

Happy Sewing!


The Reversible Bucket Bag Sew-Along

By the way, I never join any sew-along..can I do it? Hmm..yes, you can!

Just wanna try out this and InsyaAllah, I will join MyBotang Sew-Along :) this year

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