Sunday, September 22, 2013

Cutie handbags for two cute girls

Aisyah pink - Fatimah purple
Assalam to all..

Another weekend project which I can't wait to see the outcome..hehe. Poyooo kan? Hmm takpela..asalkan I satisfies with the result. 

The idea came from gathered clutch tutorial yang I pernah tengok online a few years ago. Now I want to make it myself.

Yummy..both look yummy to me. Too bad I don't have a daughter yet..haha kalau Allah nak bagi..mau aje. InsyaAllah.

But having 3 boys are not that bad..syukurrr! Alhamdulillah..

Love and Salam ~Marie~

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Cutie handbags in the making~

Pink for Aisyah & Purple for Fatimah
For my dearie friend's daughters..since their birthday is coming soon..

I am using felt and cotton for this bag. Hopefully it will turn out well..never tried this before.

Nothing much I hope..this project hopefully will be done tonight! Ahaaaa..and looks like, I have to stay up to complete them two..hmm I guess so..

Wish me luck! Insyaallah..

**uhh I did not managed to stay up lah since my son is not well**

Love and Salam ~Marie~

Monday, September 2, 2013

Tutorial: Recycle Baby Towel to Bathroom Door Mat

1. Get a baby or any bath towel which you don't want to use anymore
2. Fold it two times and pin all around it
3. Start your machine with straight / lockstitch all round and round
4. is done when you reach the middle part :D

Now you can use it as Bathroom Door Mat, yeeyyy!

Monday blues project achievement!~ {yes!}

Inner and Outer Layer - In the Making
One Diaper Bag is ready!
Nanti baru cerita..tayang gambar dulu. 

My monday blues..replacement for merdeka day ;-)

Love and Salam ~Marie~
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