Monday, March 28, 2011

Lovely Flower Button :)

After finished this RBB - Reversible Bucket Bag, I managed to learn how to make this lovely flower button. I might do a few of these flower buttons...buat brooch for myself, xpayah la beli-beli dah kannn! :D *konon*

1. Make one fabric button and 5 circles of fabric for the petals (if you want more petals..cut more)

2. Fold the circles of fabric to half and handstitch it, gather all the petals in one thread (see tutorial in eternalmagpie for more clear steps :))

3. Attach the fabric button in the middle of the petals

4. Attach it to the bag or any project u think is suitable...hmm

It's lovely. Serious...! ;)

The tutorial of this flower button - she called it yoyo flower brooch can be found in

Thanks for the tutorial! ;)


Sunday, March 27, 2011

Reversible Bucket Bag is here!

Finally, I berjaya siapkan jugak this Reversible Bucket Bag. Penat ooo...penat baca tutorial :D

Oklah, nanti citer panjang. Ada lagi picture yang nak share, tapi just wanna share the important one dulu. The final version of my Reversible Bucket Bag! Yeey...


Monday, March 14, 2011

My Tea Cozy will fly to US ;)

Alhamdulillah, finally I have completed these two tea cozy for my friends in US ;)
These lovely tea cozy specially made for Kris and Lisa. I hope they will like it!

I have been trying this skill - backstitch to attach these felt flowers for one of the tea cozy ;) hmm nice. The backstitch tutorial is simple when you refer to Sarah's website. She provides all hand emboidery tutorials with pictures.

Another tea cozy, I just sew it with a line of white lace...which I can say, nice too! (perasan sungguh...!)

I likeeee!

Any order for my tea cozy? :D


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Another Episode of Life

This cactus is for Sis Hani ;) cantik tak?? Hehe perasan!
Tea cozy tu kalau nak kena order yer...hehe

Hi All, I have been busy lately entertaining my elder son since he got chicken pox. Banyak songeh sungguh! I have to take care of him since the nursery doesn't accept him in school...huhu pity him.

He asked me "Why adik can go to school and I can't?"

My husband and I tried to explain to him as simple as we can. We are hoping that he understands.Eventhough he doesn't, at least we have done our part ;)

Ok back to my sewing thing..uhh too many projects have been delayed. Huhu...


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

All in Progress......

This is crochet cactus for Sis Hani, will take another hour to finish. I need to sew them together and put some cotton inside. may takes about an hour ;) then it will be on Sis Hani's desk. InsyaAllah!

This time I need to put some weight together with the cotton in the pot. Don't forget yer...then only the cactus in the pot will stand steadily.

The making of Beg Bunga Cornus hampir berjaya, it is 95% completed now! Yeay!!!

Huh...finally only the bag handles and inside finishing left. It needs to be completed!

I promise...I will complete it!

I need more time for my sewing projects! Huhu...

Time is sooo PRECIOUS


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Yeay! I won Mytinkerspace Giveaway *grin*

I just can't believe I won this Giveaway! See my name among the winners...I'm 4th!
I will get this from My Tinker Space - A small basket and a mini bag keychain.

Thanks Aisyah for this cute gift! Appreciate it very much..


Happy Birthday Ibu!

Happy Birthday MOM!

Yes, last sunday was my mom's birthday. I made a tea cozy for her and attached the crochet rose I made last week to the tea nice! :D I am so proud to present it to her and YES!

She likes it...

I am proud to be your daughter, MOM! I put the tea cozy on her dining table, covering her tea pot...showing her how to use it. Isn't it nice??..cheerss!

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