Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Flowers & Headband

Flowers everywhere..hehe. I am learning on flower crochet now from this blog Crochet-Mania owned by Teresa..she is so skillful! I wanna be like her la la =)

1, 2, 3,!

My headband..hmm I want to add something on top of it. It is so plain...any idea?

Another headband in the making...sapa la nak dapat headband ni?? =) tak la cantik sangat but I made it!


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Baby Headband

I love cute things..everybody loves cute things! =) I am crocheting in the car while traveling up and down to work everyday. A big surprise I still remember how to crochet..hehe

I can do better than this...hmm


My 1st Project : Table Mat

This is my 1st project - Table Mat suka2 hati =)
I am hoping to be good in sewing in future!

I just started my Epal 1st project will be 'Beg Bunga Cornus'. Let's see how it goes =)


1st Entry

Salam to All..

This is my 1st entry to publish my crafts..
I am so in love with crafting and sewing. These are my passion but I have lack of time..
I should start now..Doa for me..

So friends, please help to motivate marie >> ladycino-crafts!
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