Friday, May 20, 2011


Pattern for my first blouse ni, i ambik from this Female magazine (born in Japan). It has variety of styles...which I likee...

Last two weeks I dah berjaya memotong kain mengikut pattern yg disediakan. Belum sempat memulakan kerja-kerja menjahit lagi..huhu.

Hopefully after this, I can take picture of me wearing this cotton blouse! Yippie...!!


Monday, May 16, 2011

My Wallet - The RBB Partner

Akhirnya tercapai jugak hasrat menyiapkan my WALLET a.k.a partner my Reversible Bucket Bag (RBB) projek sew-along Sue Mybotang. Wallet ni sepatutnya projek untuk JomJahit TiniHani. Tapi macam malu nak bgtau dah siap sebab dah lama sangat semua orang completed theirs. Sorry Tini..lambat sebulan! haha :D

I am sorry too Sue, I can't join the latest applique project! sad.

I have no time lerr...masa amat mencemburui saya...

This wallet tutorial can be found in Craft Passion. Her work is excellent! Credit to her...


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Monday, May 2, 2011

IPod Sleeve

Yeeyy...I managed to sew an IPoD Sleeve for Mr Hubby! ;)
I wanna sew one for myself also...but I don't have IPoD yet *wink*

Front Look -velcro for the flap closure At the back - use the flap with button to attach it to the belt easily ;)

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