Thursday, December 30, 2010

Crafty Swap - Surprise!!

I already received pos ekspress from my swap partner Syaf from Shah Alam! Berdebar-debar tau nak bukak the envelope. Sangat teruja untuk tengok the craft from Syaf to me...Surprise!!





She sent me all these items!
Make-up bag yang dijahit oleh Syaf sendiri, Key-chain yang ada nama "Marie" (this is sooo cute!) and a lovely card :) Thanks a lot Syaf! I likeeee...

Close-up to the Make-up Bag. This is linen fabric kannn Syaf? The finishing kemas, cantik tau! Thanks yer my swap partner!! Hehe I am not an expert yet..going to be an expert...haha :D

and a nice key-chain (mcm gambar loli & stitch), ada nama "Marie" kat situ...cute!!
ada mcm rupa i yang cute ni takkk?? hehe

Thanks Syaf for the gift!! Thanks Zura Sew Retro Chic! for coordinating this swap game...


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Swap Partner

My swap partner, Syaf says she already post her craft/sewing work to me!!
Sangat teruja ni...surprise!!

My craft work tak siap lagi yer..harap maklum!
Finishing malam ni..InsyaAllah and esok boleh post..

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Something for my boys!

I am in the middle of finishing this project. It has been pending since last year...gosh!

These crosstitch projects are special dedicated to my two boys... :) For the elder one, done! For my little one, still on going lerr...

Their full name will be on it with a little birdie...nnt ada border all around the wordings. I chose 'a bundle of joy' for my elder son and 'a labor of love' for my little prince. It's like the title for them...with all my love!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Mt Kinabalu Zippered Pouch

I just wanted to sew something for myself and this idea came from makeit-loveit - here is the tutorial

She made it personalized with iron-on but mine, I just used my old like new t-shirt which been bought in Sabah. Look the MT. Kinabalu, SABAH BORNEO on the fabric...:) that is the design at the back of the t-shirt.

I cut a japanese cotton fabric and sew on top of it to hold the zipper. Isn't it nice? *wink*


Friday, December 10, 2010

Swap GAME by Zura!

Sew Retro Chic has organized a game called "SEW & SHARE CRAFTY SWAP"! Teruja rasa nak join. Thanks Zura bagi I peluang join game ni. I should send anything I sew to my partner. Sukanya dapat join but what should I sew yer for my swap partner?!! Still thinking about it...

I likeee quilting...hmm still thinking...lalala
kena send before 31 Dec 2010 ni. Owh gosh!!


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Projek updates : Weekend 1

The fabric that I used for this project:
1- never wear old t-shirt 'Mount Kinabalu' - looks new
2- 1 meter flowery cotton fabric

1- iron board cover - not yet

2- mini purse a.k.a coin purse - i think i wanna do zipper pouch la for this one :) i just like the zipper pouch done by makeit-loveit
i have cut the fabric but not done with the sewing
3- my cushion cover
i have cut the fabric but not done with the sewing too!
4- bolster pillows cover for my kids - not yet

That's all the updates for the 1st weekend! Stay tuned...


Friday, December 3, 2010

Projects wanna do this weekend!

1. Iron board cover - since the current one dah terkoyak sikit..huhu
2. mini purse a.k.a coin purse for myself - just wanna try and see boleh ke i buat ni?..hehe
3. office cushion cover - small one 15" x 15". this one might use my old t-shirt (re-purpose project)
4. sarung bantal peluk anak2...semuanya togel2 belaka :D

haha...byknya projek nak buat. ntah boleh siap ke tak...
nak kena buat ironing balik ni...huhu. baju sebakul! :p

happy weekend!

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