Thursday, April 28, 2011


I slept at 2am last night gara-gara melepaskan dendam menjahit! :p

These are my fabrics selection - for my wallet to be paired with my Reversible Bucket Bag.

After 2 hours bersengkang mata, here is the outcome. Hmm actually it is not completed yet - I need to continue sewing tonight for the binding :) The tutorial can be found in Craft Passion

Mine is not as pretty as her work.

This is the picture of 85% completed wallet :D

I hope Allah will gives me strength and grant me creative sewing ideas!



Friday, April 22, 2011

Time & Motivation

I want to sew and I need time..

I want to make something and I need time..

I want to finish my projects and I need time..

I want to go to class but I have no time :P


I also need MOTIVATION here! *PHEWS*


Monday, April 4, 2011

From States to Penang ;)

I had ordered few books from before my hubby went to States ;)

Now I already received them all...Yeey! I likeeee...

I love all projects in One-Yard Wonders but I don't know when to start. There are 101 projects in few different chapters - interesting ;)

These two books, I can say interesting too. I'm soo into bag making now...hehe after completed the Reversible Bucket Bag project with Sue MyBotang :)

I love joining sew-along! It gives me motivation to sew more...n more...

For those who is interested to buy these books, I would recommend One-Yard Wonders~! It's worth the money...

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