Monday, August 30, 2010

Pink ScaLeT Blouse

I did not wear a sleeveless blouse so I did this...

Cut two piece of cotton fabric which match this plain pink and make a sleeve for this blouse :)

After the simple modification, I can wear it now! Yeey...

CLOSE UP! *grin*


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New Mags

I am so happy having these two mags..I hope I can buy all seasons for my collection! :) They have variety of fashions with instruction how to sew it! That's cool...!!

This mags are for summer..Ruzila did sell this kind of mags online - now spring season which I can't afford to have them . I am aiming for the coming season - winter.

I love both of these mags! Happy Sewing...! *wink*

Friday, August 13, 2010

Giveaway from TOTE BOUTIQUE

Owh..actually this entry is about this TOTE BOUTIQUE Giveaway!
I pun nak la jugak raya sakan kannn...hehe

Sempena raya yang bakal tiba plus I nak melaram dgn beg baru raya ni, I bagi nama beg ni "MELARAM RAYA FLOWERY" =D suka hati je...blum dapat lagi pun..

I hope I will win this time, nak jugak merasa pakai beg TOTE BOUTIQUE =)...Amin!

This bag is nice and cukup utk masukkan my kid's stuffs. Maklum la, raya nnt berjalan sakan..kena la bawak barang budak2 sekali. I love bags..and now in the middle of making my patchwork bag =D

Leftover yarn bookmark

Bookmark for Zaza

It is hard to say sorry kann..hehe sebab lambat pulangkan buku Zaza yang saya pinjam =) Oleh itu, I made this bookmark for her since she loves reading! Tak sia-sia la rasanya..
Semoga Zaza akan bertambah-tambah rajin membaca plus bagi saya pinjam buku lagi boleh??
Terima kasih daun keladi Zaza

This bookmark is for you..dipulangkan bersama buku yang dipinjam tu..

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Greenish Beanie Cap

I am using single stitch (SC) for this Beanie Cap. Finally I dah siapkan this Beanie for my baby! Yeey..Alhamdulillah. My baby telah dipaksa untuk pakai this cap walaupun tengah syok tido..

Last week my toddler wanna wear this beanie...I just put it on his head and let him know that this cap belongs to adik. He said "Ajim nak pakai jugak la Mama"

Opps...dia dah bagi hint I should start with his Beanie Cap pulak...

This Greenish Beanie Cap belongs to my baby
and for abang.."Mama will do it for you ok?" *wink*


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Beach pants

I have an old track bottom and the zip cannot be used anymore. It has been too old to be repaired.
Habis terkoyak kain near the I already modified it to a beach pants =) so called beach pants la...

It looks better now. Isn't it? =D haha ...

Tutorial - Pinky love

I am learning new thing, LOVE shape - I found it from Yvestown blog

It is so simple and nice...but not mine, of course! =p

Tutorial : Chain 4, sl st to make a loop
Round 1: TRC 2, DC 3, chain 1, TRC 1, DC 3, TC 3, sl st to finish round 1
Round 2: Chain 3, SC 1 in all TRC, SC 2 in all DC, SC 1 in all TRC, Chain 3, sl st to finish it =)

Giveaway from Above All Fabric!

I never win a giveaway..maybe not my time yet..

I found jaybird is posting a Giveaway!
Let's join them

The fabrics from Above all fabric are very very nice!
I love Monaco and Just Dreamy

I love them all...!!
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