Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Con't : Beg Bunga Cornus terbengkalai?

Ntah bila la nak siap kann...projek beg bunga cornusku...huhuhu. Bunga cornus pun tak menampakkan rupanya lagi :( i have no time to attend classes...mcm mana tu?
Hopefully boleh la habiskan few projects lagi before my free classes period expired. kalau tak...sedihnyaaaa tak manfaatkan free classes!
What to do...hidup mesti diteruskan. Tapi tetap sedih....wawawa


Very Fantastic Giveaway! Love-it~

let's check of this fantastic giveaway at Make-it-Love-it

everybody is hoping for winning the Silhouette machine. This craft cutters is soooo soooo reliable! and adorable too...i love it!

don't forget to check what we can do with this Silhouette craft cutters!

sil-hou-ette (n.) :
1. a drawing consisting of the outline of something, especially a human profile, filled with a solid color.
2. an outline that appears dark against a light background.

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