Monday, February 14, 2011

Fabric Addict!

Last Saturday, I went for a window shopping at Queensbay Mall. I never know about this patchwork shop on the 2nd Floor and end up spending some time there just to see the fabrics - most of the fabrics are from Japan. They have less fabrics from US. What I can say, the Qgallery is small and nice...they provide a patchwork classes too. Nevermind, I already enrolled in Epal class :) hehe

I never thought I will be a fabric addict one day..owhh!! I spent about two hundres plus just for fabricsss in a week!! OMG.. (it's two times purchased : online and at the shop. The fabric I purchased is not by's measured by Fat Quarter)

How big is the Fat Quarter? It's 18" x 22"

The size is small but the material is good! I wanna buy somemore..uhh. Sangat tempting to buy some designer's fabric too like Amy Butler, Robert Kaufmann...etc. The material is not so cheap here. :p

Don't you think the fabricsss that I bought are nice??!! Please say so...haha :D I know, I know they are niceee...

Here are some Fat Quarter Projects which I should try...hmm great!



syaf said...

borong nampak?? hehe dun forget to buy fabrics for our wardrobe make over as well :P (oh nos.. its mid feb and i havent started anything yet.. ah kena buat cepat!)

Marie said...

a'a kelabu bijik mata bila tgk fabric banyak2 ni..aduss! i dah ada 2-3 fabrics for our wardrobe challenge, tapi blum start lagi jugak...hehe (oh no! i better start now... ;p)

Gabrielle Goh Gaik Bee said...


I am new for patchwork. i know about that shop. Last week, when i want to go to that shop to buy some fabrick for my patchwork, i noticed that the shop is no longer there!! may i know do you know where does the owner move to??

Marie said...

Hi Gabrielle,

I am not so sure if they really moved to other place. Their phone number I found - 646 6077 if you wanna try to call them.

Last week I saw one new patchwork shop at D'Piazza Mall, Persiaran Mahsuri Bayan Baru. I am not sure the shop's name...maybe you can try

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