Thursday, December 30, 2010

Crafty Swap - Surprise!!

I already received pos ekspress from my swap partner Syaf from Shah Alam! Berdebar-debar tau nak bukak the envelope. Sangat teruja untuk tengok the craft from Syaf to me...Surprise!!





She sent me all these items!
Make-up bag yang dijahit oleh Syaf sendiri, Key-chain yang ada nama "Marie" (this is sooo cute!) and a lovely card :) Thanks a lot Syaf! I likeeee...

Close-up to the Make-up Bag. This is linen fabric kannn Syaf? The finishing kemas, cantik tau! Thanks yer my swap partner!! Hehe I am not an expert yet..going to be an expert...haha :D

and a nice key-chain (mcm gambar loli & stitch), ada nama "Marie" kat situ...cute!!
ada mcm rupa i yang cute ni takkk?? hehe

Thanks Syaf for the gift!! Thanks Zura Sew Retro Chic! for coordinating this swap game...



Zura said...

That is one pretty makeup bag, I love the cute matryoshka print! Congrats Marie and thank you for taking part in the swap! :)

syaf said...

Thanks for the positive feedback.. Hehehe glad you like em!!.. oh, that's cotton oxford canvas fabric by the way ;)

sesemut said...

cantikkknyaaaaaa.. how i wish i could sew amakeup bag like that. nicely done.

MamaDaniel said...

cuternyer.. japanese pattern kan tu? cute la.. dari jauh nmpk mcm doll yang pakai tudung... cute.. mesti sayang nak guna kan kan kan?

Marie said...

zura: thanks for organizing this. i will surely join lagi in the future (if ada lagi la kann...)

syaf: thanks a lot yer! Mmmg cantik..

sesemut: syaf boleh, u pun surely boleh! semangat tu penting

MamaDaniel: mmg sayang pun nak pakai :D hehe cute sangat

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