Thursday, September 29, 2011

Missing You...! has been a long time since I made my last project! :(

I miss all my sewing stuffs...especially my dearie sewing machine. I really miss dear! :D

Hmm that means I should start sewing back again...

Owhh..btw, I thought of buying a serger/overlocker for myself as a birthday present. Sounds nice isn't it? :D haha...

InsyaAllah, I will start updating my new project next week!
Doa for me *wink*

Love & Salam


cik bilis said...

i miss u too...

boleh start sew pillow cases untuk baby...pastuh buat blanket patchwork...pastuh..beannie beans baby nak main...huhuh..banyak nie list u kena buat..

ps: aci tak..orang yang tak pandai menjahit bagi comment sini..:)


welcome back marie!

Marie said...

tq cik bilis for the suggestion! ;) u are always welcome untuk bagi comment. tapi kalau nak join menjahit, lagi best tau!

actually, i dah ada a few things in my list..tapi tu la, baru lepas gunting kain. maybe next week la baru boleh blog about them all :D

n patchwork blanket tu, mmg sangat2 nak try buat for my baby..InsyaAllah! semoga i semakin rajin lepas ni :D

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