Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Janome Harmony 2049 for SALE!

SOLD on March 5, 2013

ANYONE INTERESTED?? Contact me at ladycino@gmail.com

New Retail Price : RM2,499 @ Epal
My Selling Price : RM1k (nego)

The Janome Harmony 2049 machine comes with original Janome Cover, Foot Controller and Janome Harmony 2049 Manual User

I've been using it since mid 2010 and the condition is still good.

So far, I like the performance of this Janome Harmony 2049 :D

Reason for selling is I want to buy a new sewing machine + embroidery for myself~!

Love and Salam ~ Marie ~


MamaDaniel said...

ooo.. nak beli Mr Brother ke?

Marie said...

aik..mcm mana zila boleh baca fikiran saya ni? :D haha..yes, mr brother NV-950 :D

Yati said...

Kalau Yati takde mesin lagi, mesti dah amik Marie punya ni.

Marie said...

alaaa Yati, sayangnya...saya masih mencari tuan baru untuknya ni ;)

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