Thursday, July 29, 2010

Double Crochet Stitch Variations

I just read there are variations of double crochet...lucky me I found and read about it =) Before this, I always get confused when doing double crochet through back loops and asked myself "Am I doing it right?"

That is why I searched for the information from the net and I wanna share what I found about Double Crochet Stitch Variations:
1. DC Worked Through Both Loops
2. DC Worked Through Front Loops
3. DC Worked Through Back Loops
4. DC Worked Through Alternating Front and Back Loops

Hmmm...believe it or not, "Double Crochet Worked Through Back Loops" is actually one of the pattern..hehe

I am in the middle of making "Beanie Cap" for my kids...hmm wish me luck! The tutorial is from Crochet-Mania =) Thanks Teresa!


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