Friday, February 25, 2011

My Sew Along Progress 1 : Reversible Bucket Bag

I am joining MyBotang Reversible Bucket Bag Sew-Along. It is kind of interesting since I never sew a reversible bag before. I hope the result will turn out well...hmm not just well, maybe excellent! :D

Here are the fabrics that I use for making my Reversible Bucket Bag - from left:
Micheal Miller Climbing Lantern Pods (exterior fabric)
Chili Red Pinsize Dot (contrast fabric)
Blue Flowery Japanese Cotton (lining fabric)

Yesterday I managed to cut all the fabrics for this bag by using the pattern given. Senang rupanya kalau ada pattern macam ni, pin je dekat kain...then cut all the fabrics needed. Lesson learnt~!

Selalunya malas nak buat pattern, terus cut the fabrics...end up, tak jadi la or size lintang pukang :) haha

And this week sepatutnya kena buat binding, button loop, self cover button and interface the fabric pieces. Uhh sempat ke?...InsyaAllah!



MyBotanG said...

Lovely fabric choice Marie.. love the contrast combo of the exterior/lining and the binding fabric.. *giddy with excitement* can already imagine how the finish bag going to look.. :)

Aisyah Helga said...

Hi Marie,

You won 4th prize in my giveaway! Pls email me your details. Thanks!

Marie said...

thanks sue. rasa mcm dah nampak je mcm mana rupa the finish bag kannn..hehe harap2 menjadi!

thanks aisyah. i'll email you my details! ;) first time menang giveaway! huhu..*terharu*

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