Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Another Episode of Life

This cactus is for Sis Hani ;) cantik tak?? Hehe perasan!
Tea cozy tu kalau nak kena order yer...hehe

Hi All, I have been busy lately entertaining my elder son since he got chicken pox. Banyak songeh sungguh! I have to take care of him since the nursery doesn't accept him in school...huhu pity him.

He asked me "Why adik can go to school and I can't?"

My husband and I tried to explain to him as simple as we can. We are hoping that he understands.Eventhough he doesn't, at least we have done our part ;)

Ok back to my sewing thing..uhh too many projects have been delayed. Huhu...



asZmin abdul rahim said...

cantik! nk belajar jgk la :) boleh?

Marie said...

insyaAllah boleh imin, np ;)

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