Monday, March 14, 2011

My Tea Cozy will fly to US ;)

Alhamdulillah, finally I have completed these two tea cozy for my friends in US ;)
These lovely tea cozy specially made for Kris and Lisa. I hope they will like it!

I have been trying this skill - backstitch to attach these felt flowers for one of the tea cozy ;) hmm nice. The backstitch tutorial is simple when you refer to Sarah's website. She provides all hand emboidery tutorials with pictures.

Another tea cozy, I just sew it with a line of white lace...which I can say, nice too! (perasan sungguh...!)

I likeeee!

Any order for my tea cozy? :D



asZmin abdul rahim said...

very nice!!!!

syaf said...

comel! wah sampai ke us!

Marie said...

thanks imin ;) i love them two!

thanks syaf ;)
uhh bila agaknya project wardrobe kita nak siap ni? :p dok asyik tengok the fabric n pattern je. blum start gunting lagi..huhu

Bea said...

Cute tea cozy! jauhnya dia pegi sampai ke US. I like using white lace & ric rac to embellish my work too..senang & cantik kan:)

Marie said...

thanks bea. yer memang senang pakai lace ;) terus jahit je. never use ric rac...teringin tapi xpernah nyer pegi beli :p

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