Thursday, May 17, 2012

Tutorial: Pinwheel Flower Fan

I like this Flower Fan and it is sooo hard to find the tutorial in any blog. I only found these type of Flower Fan and also this Flower Fan :). And some blogs have so complicated steps to complete it (nasib baik ada colleague yang pandai and nak tunjukkan all the steps...Thank you Afzan! :). Thus, I decided to make a tutorial for myself here since I will use it (who knows) one fine day too in future :)

Owhh by the way, here is the same fan but she use double fan for these Pinwheels. Very NICE!

Here are all the steps involved;

1. Fold the A4 paper to triangle to get a good square shape. Any size will do ;)
2. Cut off the excess paper
3. Fold again the triangle to make smaller triangle
4. Open it and cut the edges and leave the middle of the paper uncut
5. Fold it which I highlighted in YELLOW
6. Put a pin in the middle of the Flower Fan to hold it. Stick it anywhere you like. It can be a deco PINWHEEL too! :D

TARAAAA...Here is the result in color paper!

I likeee....~

Love and Salam ~ Marie ~

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Anonymous said...

there you go!! super!!

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